About Don Connex

Company Name :
Don Connex Electronics Co., Ltd.
Address :
5F., No. 10, Lane 52, Ta-An St., Hsi-Chih Dist., 221,
New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Established :
November 1985
Capital Registered :
One million U.S. dollars approx.
President :
Jung-tang Lien
Employees :
Turnover in 2013 :
Twelve million U.S. dollars
Floor Spaces :
A) Headquarters (Connectors & Cable assembly)
Area Measures: 2,600 Centiares
B) Flat Cable Extrusion Plant
Area Measures: 1,200 Centiares
Certifications :
Certifications : ISO 9001 : 2000
Connector: E163339
Flat cable: E162690
Wiring Harnesses: E312257



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Policy of Quality

It’s the persistence of Don Connex to provide products in quality of Superior grade or Good grade only. Please note that product of barely acceptable grade does not exist in our supply chain or as an option of service.